• Leader Cells

    More sustainability and usability
    with R290 gas and new control panel

  • Ifi presents Esedra

    the new display case that preserves
    quality, displays beauty,
    and furnishes space.

  • Tonda
    new edition

    Unique design, unique gestures

  • The new furnishing section is online

    Let’s design your space together!

  • Lilium Combi

    Enjoy the convenience of two display cases in one thanks to the combined Pastry and Grab&Go services.

  • Start saving

    Discover Ifi's range of showcases and products using natural refrigerant gas R290 (Propane). Reduce your energy consumption and start saving

  • Delivery in
    record time

    Looking for a fast and reliable solution?
    We have just the thing for you!

  • Make up your Milia

    Now in a brand new white version

è Ifi

Innovation and design are what has driven us for sixty years in the search for solutions to improve people’s quality of life.

We are now recognised as a reference brand in furnishing for bars, gelato parlours, pastry shops and the entire food sector. Our display cases and technology for preserving food and beverages are a synonym of Italian excellence, and for every venue that we create, we always strive to tell a special story.

Every one of our projects is centred around people, starting with committed Professionals. We strive to constantly improve our daily work and contribute towards your success.


Products and solutions for all tastes. Find out all our solutions for your venue!

  • Gelato

    A wide range of cutting-edge solutions which guarantee the correct refrigeration of gelato even i...

  • Pastry and Praline

    A range of display cases able to meet your needs as a Professional. Design solutions where everyt...

  • Food

    Bakeries, delicatessens, catering and much more! IA wide range of solutions to meet your pre...

  • Bar

    Ifi has developed a complete range of solutions for breakfast, pre-dinner drinks, lunch, happy ho...

Featured products

You put your art, we put the products!
Find out the best solutions designed for your venue.


Last news

  • Ifi receives the Honourable Mention with MyPick

    We are pleased to announce that the international jury of the XXVIII Edition of the Compasso d'Oro ADI has awarded the Honourable Mention...

  • Condolences for our President Gianfranco Tonti

    We would like to express our gratitude for all the messages of condolence, closeness and affection shown following the passing of our beloved President, Gianfranco Tonti.

  • Gelato Day

    In Ifi, we are proud to have contributed to the birth of this important day, actively participating, even with our best technologies, in the initiatives....

Reasons why to choose Ifi
Our goal is to continuously improve the well-being of people through the preservation of food, their display, hygiene, ergonomics and functionality. A drive that translates into an ongoing process of innovation and search for excellence in Technology, Design, Quality, Customisation and Support.
  • Technology

    For an increasingly positive work experience.
    Technology to preserve the original appearance, taste and weight of your food products.

  • Design

    To combine functionality and visual appeal.
    Solutions with a strong visual impact which are also functional and ergonomic.

  • Quality

    To have a reliable and safe product.
    Choosing an Ifi product means choosing the quality and reliability of a tested and certified solution.

  • Support

    To have a partner constantly by your side.
    Advice and support to guarantee complete satisfaction at all times.

  • Customisation

    To express yourself in the best possible way.
    From the layout of the store to the type of customers, from the materials to the climatic conditions: there is a solution for all your requirements!