Gelato, Pastry/Praline, Food and Bars. Whatever your speciality, whatever your art, at Ifi we help make it unique. Our line of products and furnishing solutions are conceived to offer you the best of technologyand design, to accompany you towards the success of your business.



A wide range of cutting-edge solutions which guarantee the correct refrigeration of gelato even in challenging climatic conditions, to enhance the unique nature of your creations and your style!

Pastry and Praline

A range of display cases able to meet your needs as a Professional. Design solutions where everything converges to preserve and highlight your art.


Bakeries, delicatessens, catering and much more! IA wide range of solutions to meet your preservation and display requirements, plus those of a sector with a growing trend in the use of multifunctional spaces.


Ifi has developed a complete range of solutions for breakfast, pre-dinner drinks, lunch, happy hour, after dinner, for any part of your work to offer you the very best design and functional freedom.