Functionality, aesthetics and safety. These are the main elements that make our solutions suitable for all your needs as a Professional.

From the innovative drive of Ifi and in collaboration with the best world-famous industrial designers, functional solutions are born, with great added value and with attention to every detail. All Ifi products are designed to improve your work and your success: they reward ergonomics, hygiene and offer full visibility of the products on display, thanks to solutions that guarantee total transparency.


Visibility is the main focus of all our display cases: a food product sells if it is displayed properly.

  • Visibility first and foremost.

    The visibility and display of food are among the determining factors in choosing a display case. That's the reason why the all of our display cases has been designed to ensure that your products are the real stars of your venue.

  • Play on light

    Display cases with RGB LEDs, additional light sources or the choice of color temperature, allow you to fully customize the display and enhance your creations.

  • Create emotions through viewing.

    Products visible at 360 degrees, so in the foreground that you will feel like you can touch them. Our solutions showcase all the goodness of your creations.

  • Perfect visibility, always.

    Challenging climatic conditions? We have also thought about this. Thanks to the different anti-condensation systems adopted on our display cases, the visibility of the products will always be optimal.


Each constructive element of the Ifi solutions meets high standards of safety and ergonomics to meet your needs as a Professional.

  • Telescopic drawer units: everything naturally on hand

    All our positive and negative temperature refrigerated cells installs drawer units with full extension (telescopic), for better ergonomics. Easy access to your products: you can fully take advantage of the drawer inner space and maintain a correct posture while working.

  • The extension of your movements

    Innovative opening systems of display cases, such as the patented Ifi mechanism of Colonna display case that combines opening and service in a single movement: the display surface flows like an extension of your gestures, allowing you to work with a relaxed posture.

  • Gelato that comes to you

    You are not the one who moves to take the flavours, but thanks to Tonda the flavours come to you when requested in a maximum of 4.5” thanks to the clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation.

  • Maximum comfort

    Thanks to the different servo-assisted closing systems of the display cases, a simple touch is enough to put your creations in safety.

  • Cleaning is child’s play

    Cleaning the condenser filter has never been so easy!

Health & hygiene

Protecting your health and at the same time food from contamination has always been at the center of Ifi's work.

  • Protecting your health

    We care about your health. Thanks to the Panorama® solutions, the hand and forearm never enter unto an atmosphere at  temperature between -12° and -20°, which can cause of occupational illnesses.

  • Preventing impurities

    The high-performance rear closure systems limit the access of external air in the display case, to the advantage of hygiene and the quality of food preservation.

  • Display safely

    All the components of the display case in contact with food are certified for food contact and many have antibacterial properties.

  • Zero contaminazioni

    We only use water taps that have undergone a lead-free process to avoid the harmful release of heavy metals into the water and guarantee maximum safety.

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