Leader undercounter refrigerators

Extra-ordinary performance

Ifi's Leader refrigerated cells are designed to offer excellent thermodynamic performance, with a green footprint and an aesthetic carefully crafted in every detail.

More sustainability and usability with R290 gas and new control panel
Leader refrigerated cells are also available with natural refrigerant gas R290, an eco-friendly choice with a low GWP (global warming potential) index. This results in reduced energy consumption, tangible financial savings and a lower environmental impact.
The new control panel features a contemporary design with an elegant total black finish, icons and contrasting white LEDs. Designed to enhance the user experience, it offers improved readability and even more intuitive use.

The pluses of Leader undercounter refrigerators

  • Refrigeration performance

    • 3 refrigeration options: ventilated, the distribution of cold air is uniform and guarantees the ideal temperature for all stored products; static refrigeration; or refrigeration with a retractable evaporator.
    • Rapid cold recovery after opening, so that products are always served at the right temperature.
    • PVC door frame structure with air chamber, to prevent cold dispersion in favour of conservation and energy saving.
  • Construction features

    • Monobloc structure insulated with low-GWP expanding agent for perfect thermal insulation.
    • Interior and front of the body in AISI 304 stainless steel, with back and base in galvanised sheet metal for extreme solidity and long life.
    • Doors and drawers with magnetic closure to reduce cold dispersion and facilitate service activities.
    • All Leader refrigerated cells are electrically and functionally tested before delivery.
  • Formal cleanliness

    • Single front without cuts or slits for maximum formal cleanliness.
    • Moulded interior walls with rounded corners for easy and thorough cleaning.
    • Shelf racks without holes, an Ifi primacy that promotes better hygiene and speeds up cleaning.
  • Ergonomics

    • Doors open 180° to optimise interior space and facilitate loading.
    • Telescopic full-extension drawer units equipped with the latest generation of slides that, together with the solidity of the load-bearing structure of the cell, allow for smoother and safer drawer movement even when fully loaded.
  • Range

    • 3 different types of evaporators (ventilated, static or retractable).
    • 4 heights.
    • 3 depths.
    • 8 lengths.
    • 3 combinations of drawers.
    • Stainless steel or glass doors.
    • Also available with natural refrigerant gas R290.
    • Wide range of aesthetic customisation possibilities thanks to the high-performance adhesive coating that gives the cells their colour.
  • Gas R290 

    Configurations available in R290:

    • Size: H 770/850 mm, L from 500 to 300 mm, P 55/63/70 mm.
    • Services: negative temperature (-T 1) and positive temperature (+T 2)
    • Refrigeration: ventilated, static or with a retractable evaporator.
    • Condensing unit: built-in air with 50 Hz voltage

    30% energy savings
    170 € bill savings

    *yearly savings value referring to a 3-compartment UC cell with ventilated refrigeration and calculated considering a cost of 0.30 € / Kwh.

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