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Excellence, from every point of view

Highlight your Gelato and Pastry creations with elegance. Thanks to Milia, your art is the only protagonist, from every point of view.

è Milia.

Milia is ETL certified for Gelato
and Gelato/Pastry services.

The pluses of Milia

  • Innate elegance

    Thanks to its minimal design and striking black or white livery, Milia makes every context unique, with style and elegance and responds perfectly to different furnishing requirements.

  • Promote your talent

    Milia is characterised by the absence of front visual barriers. The hidden air intake keeps the attention focused on the Gelato and Pastry, which appear magically suspended and perfectly visible from any angle.

    Milia is also equipped with 3 x 4000K LED light sources which further enhance the displayed products.

  • Freshly made

    The look, the taste and the quality of food retain all their original characteristics even in the most critical environmental conditions as to heat and humidity. Maximum hygiene and safety for food and consumers, thanks to the semi-hermetic closure of the sliding doors and the special GHA® anodizing treatment with antibacterial properties.

  • Passion at first sight

    Gelato and Pastry creations immediately catch the eye, magically suspended in a precious glass chest.

  • Excellence at low consumption

    In addition to ensuring the best preservation of Gelato, the HCS smart defrosting system saves energy by intelligently reducing the number of defrosts.

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Technical information
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Product specifications
Climatic class 4

+35°C (95°F) - 60% U.R

+30°C (86°F) - 55% U.R.


-2°C;-18°C (+28.4°F;-0.4°F)

-2°C;-18°C/+4°C;+8°C (+28.4°F;-0.4°F/+39.2°F;+46.4°F)

+4°C;+8°C (+39.2°F;+46.4°F)

   > Higher shelf: not refrigerated

   > Lower shelf: +8°C;+12°C (+46.4°F;+53.6°F)

Size - mm (inches)

L 1262/1762/2262 (49.68"/69.37"/89.05") sides included

D 1055 (41.53")


Ifi finish Collection

Lacquered according to sample

On request, customizable finishes as desired


Milia is ETL certified for Gelato and Gelato/Pastry services

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