Whatever your art is, we create your space

Ifi’s furnishing speciality is the ability to create ambiences that always tell a special story: yours.
We oversee every phase and detail of the project, from the mood proposed to its final implementation. Through the production of bar counters, display cases, refrigerated modules, and seating, along with the planning of the furnishing project, we can guarantee high-quality standards and highly functional services..

What we do for you

Ifi’s Furnishing Design and Consulting team, in collaboration with the Ifi Design Center, provides professional and expert support in creating your layout.

We create consistently unique solutions, helping your dream setting take shape by transforming it into a project, right up to its implementation. All our furnishing proposals can be customized with materials and finishes from Ifi’s Materials Library, to create an original setting that reflects who you are and the experience you want to offer your customers.



Discover some of our moods

Let yourself be guided by our experts and the professionalism of our Ifi Design Centers. Through listening, analyzing your needs, combining modules, display cases, materials, and colors, we will always find the right solution for you, unique and functional.

  • Mood #01

    A refined and welcome setting created from the functional contrasts between materials, shapes and colours.

  • Mood #02

    A space with an industrial mood and authentic feel, where the understated furnishing lines flow seamlessly into the transparency of the display cases.

  • Mood #03

    A large space with no visual barriers between the inside and outside of the premises where the furnishing takes centre stage thanks to the choice of material finishes and statement lines.

  • Mood #04

    A compact space made fresh and welcoming through the clever use of wood combined with sophisticated shades of green.

  • Mood #05

    The perfect place to indulge yourself. Eclectic and eye-catching, with a seemingly classic look, that expresses an original, bold style.

  • Mood #06

    A bucolic setting in which to escape city life. A place with a delicate feel that fits in perfectly with the choice of bright colours that inject life into the decor.

  • Mood #07

    Bold shapes and statement colours stamp their mark on this bar area, gelato parlour and pastry shop. A place where the counter, with its curved corners, becomes a practical and attractive service area to interact with customers.

  • Mood #08

    A welcoming and elegant seating area where the bar counter takes centre stage. The use of wood, the way it is worked and the choice of soft colours create a fresh and trendy space.

  • Mood #09

    The decision to blend the softness of tactile surfaces, such as fabrics and woods, with the cooler feel of resin and tiles for floors and walls creates a bright and welcoming café.

  • Mood #10

    A furnishing concept that opts for the use of warm-toned colours combined with textured surfaces. The result is a carefully curated interior that creates a welcoming atmosphere, where customers will feel instantly at home.

  • Mood #11

    An eye-catching pastry shop with a statement look created by a balanced mix and match of classic and modern styles.

  • Start up 01

    There is a holiday atmosphere in this lodge-style venue, where the natural tones of the pale wood blend seamlessly with the chic colours of the simple, functional bar counter.

  • Start up 02

    A practical, space-saving, complete bar space has been created for the gym by revamping a transit area.

  • Start up 03

    Like an island in the centre of a large communal space, the bar counter becomes the centrepiece with its corner layout, creating a dynamic and functional area.

Give free reign to your creativity
with Ifi’s Materials Library


  • Over 100 finishes create an infinite number of combinations to create your setting

    Stemming from a comprehensive analysis of current trends, but with an eye toward the future, the Ifi Materials Library is a carefully curated and constantly updated selection of colour-coordinated materials and finishes. Surfaces with antibacterial properties, eco-friendly materials, finishes that satisfy strict criteria for resistance and durability, are just some of the possibilities that can be combined in countless ways to create your space.

  • 01 Full color LAMINATE

    12 finishes
    (Vertical and horizontal application)

  • 02 Texture LAMINATE

    14 finishes
    (vertical and horizontal application)

  • 02 Linoleum

    (vertical and horizontal application)


    (vertical and horizontal application)


    (vertical application)

  • 03/05 FABRIC

    (vertical application)

  • 04 100% recycled PAPER

    (vertical application)


    (vertical application)


    (vertical and horizontal application)


    (vertical and horizontal application)

  • 05 GRES

    11 variants
    (vertical and horizontal application)

  • 06 TAPE

    (for back bases only)


    (vertical application)

  • 06 DEKTON

    (vertical and horizontal application)


    11 variants
    (horizontal application)

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