Elegant, sophisticated, colourful, modern, vintage, minimalist: whatever your style, we’ll find the ideal solution for your dream venue.

Every place has its own soul. Every place has its own story. Our speciality is in helping you bring it to life.

How? By giving shape to your dream in 4 steps: design, production, delivery and assistance.

  • Design: after carefully listening to your needs, we define the design specifications and create the drawings and renderings needed to develop the final working project.
  • Production: refrigerated modules, display cases, counters, accessories and finishes, all internally produced by Ifi. High quality and perfectly functional services guaranteed!
  • Delivery: shipping, assembly and start-up. We give life to your project!
  • Assistance: an internal team of specialised engineers, refrigeration technicians and carpenters care for and service equipment and furniture for the entire service life.

Develop it with us!

Be yourself
The success of your venue also depends on its design, mood, and the right choice of furniture. With Smart, Original, and Unique solutions, you can develop a project compatible with your needs and desires.
A team of professionals will always be available to help you during each stage of development: with Ifi, you choose a partner with a team of people dedicated to making you satisfied.
  • Smart

    A set of preconfigured and complete furniture systems to be personalised with the finishes most suited to your style.

    Be Smart.

  • Original

    A broad range of modules, materials and finishes to create an authentic and original mood.

    Be original.

  • Unique

    The commercial venue of your dreams takes shape: with Unique solutions, you can design, configure and create your tailor-made space!

    Be unique.

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