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Unlimited visibility

Express your art, leave the rest to Lilium. Visibility, elegance, excellent preservation and the use of R290 Natural Gas make Lilium, the refrigerated display case for Pastry, Cold Snacks and Frozen Pastry, the ideal solution to highlight your original creations and for environmental sustainability. Lilium’s large front glass enhances the displayed products with extreme transparency, free from structural barriers and condensation.

Lilium is also available in the following versions:
- Grab&Go: the available space will appear infinite for a perfect takeaway service.
- Combi: enjoy the convenience of two display cases in one thanks to the combined Pastry and Grab&Go services.

Lilium is ETL certified for Pastry
and Grab&Go services.

The pluses of Lilium

  • Express your talent

    In the convertible service, Frozen Pastry (-T°/+T°), the anti fog system eliminates fogging on the front glass after opening for a consistently impeccable display. The integrated perimeter LED lighting perfectly frames your creations, which can be even further enhanced by opting for spotlights on the shelves. The spacious display surface, the possibility to use 600x400 mm trays and the adjustable tempered glass shelves give free rein to your creative expression, without limits. In the Grab&Go version, the available space will appear infinite for a perfect takeaway service. While in the brand-new Combi version, you can enjoy the convenience of two display cases in one thanks to the combined Pastry and Grab&Go services.

  • Freshly made

    The technologically advanced refrigeration system, the uniform bottom up ventilation and the hermetic sealing system with double glazing, ensure your products the perfect preservation of taste and appeal, with particular attention to energy savings. Lilium Grab&Go is equipped with special deflectors positioned on each shelf, while in the Frozen service the hinged doors are equipped with air conveyor.

  • Perfection is in the details

    Every element of Lilium is designed to offer a superior finish and maximum attention to detail.
    • Downward front glass opening.
    • Rear sliding doors with energy-saving warning sound in case of accidental opening.
    • Low-consumption air circulation fans.
    • Display trays with integrated air inlet and outlet grille.
    • Full-touch electronic display water and dust resistant.
    • Easy access to the condenser filter on the front (in Grab&Go version).

  • Make up your Lilium!

    Choose from many possible customisations.
    • Display case sanitisation system with UV-C ray technology to eliminate the bacterial load in the air in just 60 seconds.
    • Modular lighting with 3 different effects: linear; spot (40° cone); combined (linear and spot together).
    • Pivoting wheels with brake.
    • Display case with or without decorative panels.
    • Double glazing screen printed and heated sides with internal mirror finish if positioned against a wall or a counter.
    • Insertion of intermediate shelf (in Combi version).

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Technical information
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Product specifications
Climatic class 4

Pastry or Cold snack

+30°C (+86°F) - 55% R.H.


+30°C (+86°F) - 55% R.H.

Climatic class 3


+25°C (+77°F) - 60% R.H.


+25°C (+77°F) - 60% R.H.


Pastry or Cold snacks

+4°C;+8°C (+39.2°F;+46.4°F)


+4°C;+12°C (+39.2°F;+53.6°F)

Frozen Pastry -T°/+T°

-20°C;-2°C / +4°C;+8°C (-4°F;+28.4°F / +39.2°F;+46.4°F)


+4°C;+10°C (+39.2°F;+50°F)

> upper part  +4°C;+8°C (+39.2°F;+46.4°F)
> lower part  +4°C;+8°C (+39.2°F;+50°F)


ambient temperature

Size - mm (inches)

H 1151/1350 (45.31”/53.18”)

Combi and Frozen only 1350 (53.18”)

L 960/1430 (37.80”/56.29”)

Frozen only 960 (37.79”)

D 877 (34.52”)


Built-in motor R290 or R452A (Frozen only R452A)

Remote motor R452A

Ducting kit

Same-height display cases can be ducted to each other using different ducting kits depending on the service

Painted white RAL9010
Lacquered according to sample
Ifi finishes Collection

On request, customizable finishes as desired


Lilium is ETL certified for Pastry and Grab&Go services

Energy label
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