In customizing their work environment, the Professional expresses himself and defines the uniqueness of the experience to offer to his customers. Therefore Ifi provides a system of solutions capable of responding to different aesthetic and functional needs, always identifying the ideal solution, even tailor-made.


All our solutions allow you to customize based on the individual need with agility and flexibility in relation to the services and spaces available.

  • Modules, what a passion!

    Thanks to the use of modular modules such as ducted display cases and bar counters with different lengths and services, it will be easy to find the most suitable solution for your venue.

  • Accessories

    A wide range of accessories and equipment for display cases and bar counters will allow you to complete and give an extra touch to your spaces.

  • Furnishings accessories

    To complete and enrich your environment, you can choose the one you prefer from the wide range of Ifi furnishing accessories.

  • Materials

    Each venue expresses itself through the choice and combination of different materials. This is why Ifi is constantly endeavours to source and offer materials, to create emotions and respond to every technical, material, ethical, eco-friendly and aesthetic need.

  • Bespoke

    A comprehensive team of specialists in industrial design, interior design and styling, along with qualified partners, will always guarantee you to achieve the perfect solution according to your needs.

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