The journey of taste does not end with production in the laboratory. Fundamental it is the conservation phase to ensure that the food maintains its appearance, the original taste and properties until the moment of sale. Even challenging the most critical environmental conditions for heat and humidity, Ifi display cases are born from the continuous research and development of the company to meet high standards of preservation, environmental sustainability, energy saving and all the needs of the Professional, who can take advantage of increasingly intelligent and interconnected solutions.


Preserving in an excellent way means keeping the characteristics of the food unaltered for as long as possible, with minimal loss of organoleptic quality, weight and aesthetic quality, guaranteeing the right temperatures, the correct degree of humidity and the highest level of safety from the point of view of hygiene and health.

Here are our answers, even to the most demanding requests:

  • Hybrid Cooling Technology

    Hybrid Cooling Technology is an exclusive Ifi system that guarantees contnuous chilling in the display case during the delicate yet necessary stages of defrosting, thus eliminating negative effects on the gelato.

  • Always the right temperature

    The technologies of the Ifi solutions always generate and distribute the cold or heat evenly, to guarantee the best preservation of the product and its qualities during the service such as appeal, spreadability, consistency and fragrance.

  • Technology aiding preservation

    Innovative insulated tanks, the use of special glass (double glazing / pyrolytic / heated), the study of specific technological components, everything is specially designed to help achieve the highest conservation performance.

  • Adjustable ventilation

    Ventilation regulation systems, which can be modulated on different speeds, preserve all the organoleptic and visual characteristics of the different foods on display.

  • The Ifi way

    In Ifi we have developed a range of solutions capable of guaranteeing excellent preservation of gelato even in particularly critical climatic conditions due to heat and humidity, with:

    • minimum temperature delta between the gelato pans;
    • patented smart technologies that limit both the quantity and the duration of defrosting, or even cancel the negative effects on gelato;
    • intelligent design of the tanks, in the shape, in the choice of materials and in the water drainage system.


Designing products that respect humans and the environment is what guides us in the development, design and production of each Ifi solution.

  • HCS technology

    Hi – Performance Closure System is the high-performance rear locking system invented by Ifi to improve the quality of gelato storage, hygiene, and energy savings. The system, with the help of an integrated sensor, ensures a reduction in the number of defrost cycles based on the actual time the display case is open and limits the access of external air to serving time only.

  • Ifi and energy savings

    We have always invested in research to aim for maximum energy savings, through:

    • the design of insulated tanks and closure systems, to increase thermal insulation;
    • the use of low energy consumption fans;
    • the use of latest generation LED lights;
    • the reduction in the number of defrosts and their duration, in addition to the design of a high-performance, intelligent and patented defrosting system;
    • solutions capable of perfectly preserving gelato for up to four hours, plus two hours of service, without using electricity.
  • An environmentally friendly gas

    A safe and ecological alternative: it is called R290 and is a natural refrigerant. An environmentally friendly gas that allows you to absorb more heat and consume less energy.

  • Long live the products

    Is it possible to extend the life cycle of a product? Absolutely. Thanks to the use of technologies such as corrosion resistant internal components, the life of our solutions is prolonged!


Through the technologies applied to our solutions we offer an increasingly positive work experience for Professionals and to improve the quality of their life.

  • Galileo: My Connected Guardian Angel

    A digital connection system with which monitor and set the parameters of every Ifi product with temperature control at any time and wherever.

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