The preservation and the display of artisan gelato are fundamental aspects in the daily work of a Professional. Ifi offers a wide range of cutting-edge solutions which guarantee the correct refrigeration of gelato even in challenging climatic conditions, to enhance the unique nature of your creations and your style! To all ice cream specialists, Ifi also dedicates specific solutions, which meet the different preservation requirements.


Anticipate the future and transform your gelato shop, pastry shop or catering business with MyPick, the innovative refrigerated locker powered by Ifi, featuring an exclusive e-commerce site and integrated management platform.

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Our goal is to continuously improve the well-being of people through the preservation of food, their display, hygiene, ergonomics and functionality. A drive that translates into an ongoing process of innovation and search for excellence in Technology, Design, Quality, Customisation and Support.
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Every place has its own soul. Every place has its own story. Our speciality is in helping you tell it.
From the project to implementation, we can support and guide you in the choice that best suits your style and needs, for the success of your business.

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