HCS Closure system

Invented by IFI to protect your gelato

IFI R&D Department dedicates part of its activity to research solutions combining the perfect preservation of gelato typical of pozzetti, and the visibility of display cases. Beyond Tonda and Bellevue with Panorama technology, both representing new archetypes, the research has been extended to traditional display cases, leading to the invention of a brand new closing system named HCS (Hi-performance Closure System). This back-closure system, different according to the display case, allows to exploit the RDF (Reduced Defrosting Frequency) System, and offers significant advantages compared to the “usual” display cases.

  1. Thanks to the reduced number of defrosts, and the reduced contacts between gelato and atmosphere, the gelato tastes and looks better;
  2. HCS system reduces electricity consumption, with benefits for the environment, costs, and the condensing unit lifetime;
  3. Beyond displaying gelato, the display case can work as a chiller cabinet.

HCS system is a plus of Tonda, Bellevue with  Panorama technology, Cloud, Lunette, Screen, and SAM80 display cases.