Preservation excellence

Grant to your products the very best preservation with Ifi Pozzetti range for Gelato and Granita. Choose the refrigeration type that suits you most: glycol, static or ventilated, where tradition and technology merge for an even distribution of cold air and perfect scoopability. Get ready to serve gelato that will always be batch-frozen perfect.

Pozzetti is ETL certified for Gelato service.

The pluses of Pozzetti

  • Freshly made

    Minimum temperature difference between tank top and bottom and the temperature setpoint reached in just thirty minutes with ventilated refrigeration allow you to perfectly preserve the flavour, appeal and properties of the food.

  • Perfection is in the details

    Every element of Pozzetti is designed to offer a superior finish and maximum attention to detail.

    • Anti-rotation tubs.
    • Drainage component with stopper for easy defrosting and cleaning.
    • Anti-condensation solutions to keep surfaces dry and clean at all times.
    • Gelato level is just 50 mm (1.97") below the work top allowing easy and comfortable serving.
  • Make up your Pozzetti

    Choose from the many possible customisations: 

    • 3 assembly options: counter, built-in tank or uninstalled tank.
    • 3 types of refrigeration: glycol, static or ventilated.
    • 3 different configurations: Pozzetti with storage, without storage or a combination of the two.

Reference sectors

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Technical information
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Product specifications
Climatic class 7


+35°C (95°F) - 75% R.H.



-2°C;-18°C (+28.4°F;-0.4°F)

Size - mm (inches)

H 951 (37.44")

Static and ventilated refrigeration counters:

L 1000/1500/2000/2500/3000

(39.37"/ 59.05"/ 78.74"/ 98.42"/ 118.11")

Glycol refrigeration counters:

L 500/750/1000/1250/1500/1750

(19.68"/ 29.53"/ 39.37"/ 49.21"/ 59.05"/ 68.90")

D 728 (28.66")


Ifi finishes Collection

Laquered according to sample

On request, customizable finishes as desired


Pozzetti is ETL certified for Gelato service.

Energy label
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