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Perfection doubles

Choose a new way of presenting and serving your artisan gelato. Ifi’s Panorama® technology combines the perfect preservation performed by pozzetti with the spectacle of gelato in a display case. With Panorama® you can in fact perfectly display and preserve all your flavours, even managing different service temperatures at the same time.

è Panorama.

Panorama® is ETL certified for Gelato service.

The pluses of Panorama®

  • Perfection is in the details

    Every element of Panorama® is designed to ensure best ergonomics.
    • A compact design for an easier and more ergonomic service.
    • Anti-rotation tubs.
    • Display cases with servo-assisted closure.
    • Extremely easy to clean.
    • Maximum protection and hygiene thanks to the glass doors, which acts as a barrier.

  • Freshly made

    Perfectly preserves the flavour, appeal and properties of the food. The pozzetti counter ensures excellent preservation performance, combined with perfect insulation with hermetic closure of glass doors and the possibility of different temperatures for different products.

  • Make up your Panorama®

    Choose from the many possible customisations: thanks to modularity, Panorama® allows the possibility to create a potentially infinite double row of tubs. You can choose from a broad range of accessories, and thanks to the built-in solutions, it is ideal to bring gelato even outside traditional gelato shops.

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Technical information
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Product specifications
Climatic class 7

Panorama® Tubs

+35°C (95°F) - 75% U.R.

Panorama® Pans

+35°C (95°F) - 75% U.R.



-2°C;-18°C (+28.4°F;-0.4°F)

Gelato / Pastry

-2°C;-18°C / +4°C;+8°C
(+28.4°F;-0.4°F / +39.2°F;+46.4°F)

Counter size - mm (inches)

H  951 (37.44")

D  728 (28.66")


Ifi finishes Collection

Laquered according to sample


Panorama® is ETL certified for Gelato service.

Energy label
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