The show of authenticity

Enhance the taste and authenticity of your products with Gourmet, the complete line of food counters dedicated to deli, cured meats, cheese, meat, bread, fresh pasta and pastries. Combine perfect food storage with a display that captures every glance, with a design that helps you to optimize space.

è Gourmet.

Gourmet is ETL certified for Deli, Deli self,
Meat&Deli, Pastry or Cold snack,
Bain-marie and Bread services.

The pluses of Gourmet

  • Express your talent

    Give your specialties exceptional visibility. Thanks to the ventilation on the front and side glasses, Gourmet effectively counteracts the formation of condensation, while the special LED lighting enhances the appearance and freshness of your products in a natural way. Besides, with the practical additional display trays you can further highlight your most exclusive offer.

  • Quality first

    Gourmet preserves foods perfectly, keeping their qualities unaltered. Based on your offer, choose the service that is right for you, with the proper refrigeration: ventilated or static.
    The ventilated refrigeration is modular; the Meat & Deli service with enhanced evaporator guarantees a higher and constant humidity rate to preserve the most sensitive foods in an excellent way. Even Gourmet Deli with double static evaporator stands out for its exceptional moisture retention, as well as for the incredibly uniform diffusion of cold thanks to the special inclined and perforated display trays.

    • Make up your Gourmet

      Set up Gourmet according to your needs and choose among the different customization possibilities: set up the showcase with the finishes and accessories that best suit your taste and needs: stainless steel scale holder; polyethylene chopping board; knife holder; counter paper holder; sliding doors in transparent polycarbonate, for greater containment of the cold and energy saving;

    • Perfection is in the details

      The opening of the front glass upwards, with new generation pistons, facilitates set-up and cleaning operations. The temperature indicator, powered by solar energy, is perfectly integrated into the display case, as well as the LED light hidden in the upper part of the glass castle.
      Scratch-resistant embossed stainless steel worktop and the elegant profile that accompanies the upper line of the paneling are solutions that perfectly combine functionality, quality and style.

    • Under the right light

      Gourmet is equipped with a special (2800 K) designed LED lighting system to stand out to the maximum and in the best way the quality of your products. On request it is possible to choose a specific pinkish light to enhance the natural color of meat.

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    Technical information
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    Product specifications
    Climatic class 3

    All services

    +25°C (+77°F) – 60% R.H.


    Deli (with and without refrigerated storage)


    Deli self (with and whithout refrigerated cells)


    Meat & Deli


    Deli with double static evaporator


    Pastry or Cold snack



    +70°C (+158°F)

    ambient temperature


    On-board condensing unit
    R290 (ventilated version only) or R452A

    Remote condensing unit R452A

    Size - mm (inches)

    H 1190 (46.85") Self H 865 (34.05")

    L 937/1250/1875/2500/3125/3750
        Corners (Deli service only): open and closed 90° and 45°

    D 1154 (45.43")

    Ifi finishes Collection
    Lacquered according to sample

    On request, customizable finishes as desired


    Gourmet is ETL certified for Deli, Deli self, Meat&Deli, Pastry or Cold snack, Bain-marie and Bread services.

    Energy label
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