Location: Siracusa (SR), Italy
Ifi Design Center
: Areasystem Ragusa Srl
Project by: Rossella Mazzeo, Ifi – Interior Design Consultant
Ifi Solutions: Sam 80 Pastry and Gelato display cases, Delice drop-in, Bar counter, Back bases

In the beautiful Syracuse, close to Ortigia, is the renovated bar, gelateria, and pastry shop "Il Cucchiaino". A charming location where the allure of tradition meets the freshness of modernity. The perfect place to enjoy the genuineness and authenticity of the island's flavors, welcomed by the cordiality of the hosts.


“The design idea stemmed from the owners' need to find a mood capable of combining the evocative charm of the existing location, of architectural interest and with an industrial flavor, with the desire to create a contemporary, open, and welcoming environment, such as to visually engage customers in the preparation phases of the specialties. A desire to which our Ifi Design Center immediately gave shape with a beautiful and functional horseshoe-shaped layout of the equipment. A fusion between work areas and hospitality spaces that becomes the leitmotif of the concept as a whole; like the 'window' scheme of the workshop fixtures that is repeated throughout the premises creating visual continuity. The counter is central, designed as a protagonist, perfectly enhanced through the motif of material division of the floor: majolica and resin-effect stoneware, in complete balance between the tradition of local craftsmanship and the industrial soul of the environment. The expressive function of the materials is well told by the paneling of the furniture and showcases, where the finishes of the Ifi Collection harmonize, playing with shades of earthy color. From Dekton (Keranium finish and Laurent finish) to fabric (Coral tweed) that interrupts the rhythm, moving it and creating the perfect link with the nature-themed wallpaper that immerses the furniture in an ethereal dimension. To close, the hazelnut-colored agglomerate baseboard illuminated by LED contributes to making the squared composition of the entire furniture light and soft. Going up vertically, resting on the central island, the illuminated shelves of Ifi's Frame risers are designed to create a luminous focal point, colored by the rich arrangement of bottles, glasses, and cups".

Rossella Mazzeo
, Ifi – Interior Design Consultant

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