Your idea of a drop-in display

Let yourself be surprised. Delice is the drop-in display case that enhances the uniqueness of your creations and your style. Thanks to multiple possibilities of customization, functional and aesthetic, you will be able to preserve and present your products in the best possible way, based on their characteristics and your creativity.
The focus in the new Delice Gelato service is the generous display space. The same depth with a shorter length and greater display area for your gelato, upgrading from a single row of eight flavours to fourteen in two rows. Thanks to improved lighting LED, the extra-clear glass frame and the top in white, black or stainless steel finishes, the gelato module fits in seamlessly with the Delice range to ensure visual continuity in the overall layout.

È Delice.

Delice is ETL certified for Pastry or Cold snack, Pastry or Cold/Hot
snack, Praline and Dry hot snack services.

Pluse of Delice

  • Promote your talent

    Give your creations the visibility they deserve: in addition to the pure transparency of the extra-clear glass, with Delice you can say goodbye to condensation thanks to the special kit.

  • The true stars: your products

    To ensure that your products are always the real protagonists, Delice in the version with heated pyrolytic glass prevents the formation of condensation even in particularly critical conditionsfor heat and humidity.

  • Perfection is in the details

    Each element of Delice is designed to give you a superior level of finishes, as well as maximum attention to details:

    • minimal, perfectly integrated temperature repeater;

    • 45° cut of the air intake profile;

    • 90° plexiglass rear closure system with cushioned sliding limit;

    • built-in tank flush with the worktop.

  • Attention to detail

    The display surface can be positioned in 3 different heights in order to customize the display according to the characteristics of the products, with the freedom to also use the practical 600x400 mm / 23,62”x15,74” commercial trays.

  • Refrigerated storage

    The refrigerated storage, when included, features a static evaporator (+4°C/+8°C - +39.2°F;+46.4°F) and is powered by the same airtight unit as the display case, but with a separate control panel.

  • Make up your Delice!

    Choose among endless possibilities of customization: counter with or without decorative panels; built-in tank flush or with frame h 10 mm/0,39”; 2 different types of glass (extra-clear, and pyrolytic and heated glass); glass frame closed with LED lighting or open; display top finishings: stainless steel; matt white; matt black.

  • Freshly made!

    The special evaporator of the refrigerating system and the 3-speed adjustable ventilation allow you to perfectly preserve the taste, the appeal and the properties of food.

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Technical information
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Product specifications
Climatic class 4

Cold services

+25°C - 60% R.H.


+35°C - 60% (+77°F - 60%) R.H.


Pastry or Cold snack


Pastry or Cold/hot snack

+4°C;+8°C / +80°C (+39.2°F;+46.4°F / +176°F)

Chocolate / Pastry

+14°C;+18°C/+4°C;+8°C (+57.2°F;+64.4°F / +39.2°F;+46.4°F)

Dry hot Snack

+80°C (+176°F)


-2°C;-18°C (+28.4°F;-0.4°F)

Size - mm (inches)

H 1151/1200/1350 (45.32"/47.24"/53.14")

L 920/1320/1720/2120/2520 (36.22"/51.97"/67.72"/83.46"/99.21")
     > Gelato: 13200 (51.96")
     > Corners: L/R

D 815 (32.08") 822 with sides (32.36")

Ifi finishes Collection
Lacquered according to sample

On request, customizable finishes as desired

Delice is ETL certified for Pastry or Cold snack, Pastry or Cold/Hot snack, Praline and Dry hot snack services.
Energy label
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