Ifi at Sigep 2024

The Future To Be

innovative, different, green, amazing

At Sigep we wanted to show you our vision of the future. We are delighted that you have shared our intentions and loved the new proposals.
The unprecedented version of Tonda, the round and rotating display case which, for the second time in the history of gelato, is ready to give life to a new revolutionary motion. The new showcases for Gelato and Pastry Esedra and Orama, where all constructive elements come together to create a sense of lightness, transparency and functionality. The release of the Jolly Hybrid display case, whichembraces a new contemporaneity, and the Pozzetti, a timeless classic, transforming into Pozzetti New Era: a solution that explores new logics in terms of design, ergonomics and performance.

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Ifi and the Gelato World Cup

Sigep was the opportunity to welcome at Ifi the national teams that competed for the Gelato World Cup at Sigep 2024 and to share with them the passions that unite us. We wanted to host them in our headquarters to show where and how the Ifi solutions, accompanying them in their daily work, are born.

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Design Makio Hasuike & co.

Esedra, the new Gelato and Pastry display case draws inspiration from the harmony of the circle. The soft, accommodating lines and front curved double glazing heated by tungsten wires eliminate any barrier between the consumer and your creations on display. The flush display and raised display area provide excellent visibility for your creations, making them easier for customers to see. Excellent preservation thanks to the ventilated refrigeration system with double evaporator, combined with exclusive Ifi technology to ensure the quality of the gelato, energy savings and hygiene.

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Design Makio Hasuike & co.

The iconic Tonda display case, the first round, rotating model in history launches the next challenge: new control over gelato serving. With Tonda, thanks to latest-generation sensors, you will be able to activate and deactivate the rotation controls with a simple movement of your hand, in line with your usual serving style. With the delta zero thermodynamic performance and continued excellence, Tonda now has a new line of cylinders with an innovative sinuous and functional curve to offer new comfort when working.

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Design Makio Hasuike & co.

Preview of the Orama Gelato display case, the new hero product in the Ifi collection with a winning look; for 2024 for Pastry service as well.


A new era begins for a gelato classic. Sizes only become more compact with Pozzetti New Era while increasing space for your gelato, even when the pans have different temperatures. Serving becomes more convenient: thanks to the practical system fitted with guides, you easily can insert and extract the anti-rotating tubs even in the storage compartment. The Pozzetti New Era tank provides an even better performance thanks to increased wall insulation. An advantage for better cold preservation, a guarantee for maintaining the quality of your gelato and for energy savings.


The Mix multi-service display case in the high (VAD) and low (VBD) straight glass versions offers unprecedented aesthetic and functional solutions for a fresher and more contemporary style. The new white finish of the front clamp and the glass screen printing add lightness to the overall appearance of Mix. The new extra-clear glass frame offers maximum transparency to showcase your creations, enhanced by more uniform and diffused lighting.

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Jolly Hybrid

design Marc Sadler
Jolly Hybrid has a new look that can be customised in the colours and finishes of the Ifi materials library, fitting in seamlessly with the mood of your premises. Jolly’s core technology ensures the same performance as always with Hybrid Cooling Technology - an innovative Ifi patent - which keeps your gelato looking beautiful and in excellent condition at all times by protecting it during the delicate defrosting phases.

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The focus in the new Delice Gelato service is the generous display space. The same depth with a shorter length and greater display area for your gelato, upgrading from a single row of eight flavours to fourteen in two rows. Thanks to improved lighting LED, the extra-clear glass frame and the top in white, black or stainless steel finishes, the gelato module fits in seamlessly with the Delice range to ensure visual continuity in the overall layout.

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