Gelato World Cup

It was a great pleasure to welcome to Ifi the national teams that competed for the Gelato World Cup at Sigep 2024 and to share with them the passions that unite us. We wanted to host them in our headquarters to show where and how the Ifi solutions, accompanying them in their daily work, are born. At the same time, we wanted them to experience a journey into the Made in Italy quality of our territory, passing through some of the excellences that characterise it (Pesaro is the Italian Capital of Culture 2024).

Seeing the national teams in action during the Gelato World Cup competition (Sigep 2024) was a unique emotion. Their professionalism, concentration, care and precision resulted in beautiful and delicious creations. Congratulations to Italy, which confirmed its status as the World Champion, followed by South Korea and Hungary in third place, but well done to all the participants, true ambassadors of taste worldwide.