Our history

From the production of bespoke bar furnishings started in 1962 to the modern-day Ifi, an international reference brand for furnishings for bars, gelato parlour, bakery and Horeca premises. Here are the stages that trace the evolution of Ifi.

Products and innovation

Innovation, vision and technology: from the first industrial bar counter to Hybrid Cooling technology. The evolution of our products.

    • 1968

      Ifi presents the first industrial bar furnishing in history

      A ground-breaking innovation for the entire sector with numerous benefits for professional operators: product quality guaranteed by the industrial process, reduction of costs and shorter delivery times.

      • 1975
        Ifi presents the first modular bar furnishing

        The bar furnishing become modular to create customised solutions.

        • 1991
          Ifi takes another step forward with Factotum

          With Factotum by Ifi, the load-bearing structure of the modules was made of steel rather than wood against perforation corrosion to guarantee solidity and a long lifetime. Factotum is still the benchmark technology for the bar furnishing industry.

          • 2005
            Ifi presents pozzetti with ventilated refrigeration

            Pozzetti with ventilated refrigeration set a new standard in the tradition of gelato parlours.
            The innovation was so successful that in the space of just 10 years, ventilated pozzetti counters became a sector-based reference for the more uniform distribution of cold, gelato scoopability and the health of the operators.

            • 2005
              Ifi presents Tonda

              The first major innovation in the gelato world since the 1950s, Tonda defines a new way of preserving, displaying and serving gelato for the health of operators and protection of the environment.

              • 2011
                Ifi invents anti-rotation system for tubs

                Ifi invents anti-rotation system for tubs
                This simple system, which nobody had thought of before, stops the tubs rotating when gelato is served, making it as easy and as ergonomic as possible for the gelato-maker to use the spatula.
                Made initially of stainless steel and then, also of food-grade polyethylene.

                • 2011
                  Ifi invents the HCS Closure System

                  The HCS (High-Performance Closure System) offered new benefits to gelato chefs. HCS allowed traditional display cases to reduce the number of defrost cycles based on actual use, thus preserving the quality of the gelato, improving hygiene and reducing electricity consumption.

                  • 2013
                    Bellevue and Panorama® Technology

                    Ifi reinvents the way gelato is preserved and displayed.
                    Panorama® pozzetti counters combines the perfect preservation of pozzetti and the typical visibility of flavours in display cases in a single solution.

                    • 2015
                      Bar sharing

                      Bar Sharing, designed by Giorgio Di Tullio. eliminates the traditional difference between the front and rear. The 1/2/3/4 metre modules, featuring identical depths and heights, eliminated this constraint allowing greater design and functional freedom.

                      • 2015
                        Start up

                        Ifi presents the Start Up project (designed by Giorgio di Tullio and Raffaele Gerardi).

                        Defined as a social project as it was created to give young people aged 18 to 35 an opportunity to take up the profession of barista. The bar counter was turned into a basic double deck, tailor-made front and back and standard technology, which included everything needed for bar service. Accessibility and simplicity are the keys to the design of this innovative bar counter.

                        • 2015
                          Gelato Coolbox

                          With Gelato Coolbox (designed by Marc Sadler), Ifi suggests new ideas and opportunities to artisan gelato-makers and chain stores to improve their business and revenues and promote their image.

                          With Gelato Coolbox, artisan gelato goes out of the gelato shops inside a professional suitcase. Gelato Coolbox guarantees perfect storage of the gelato for four hours, plus two hours of service without the use of electricity or batteries.

                          • 2017
                            Ifi presents Colonna, designed by Giulio Iacchetti

                            The Colonna display case features a vertical circular element, namely a column, with a technological heart, aimed at supporting and enhancing the display of pastry.

                            Colonna transforms the everyday actions of serving into one single movement. With an innovative and patented mechanical system, the display surface glides out like an extension of the actions of the pastry chef, who can work and bring the products on display closer while maintaining a relaxed posture.

                            • 2017
                              Ifi presents PopApp

                              The first compact, professional and autonomous gelato parlour. PopApp is a compact workstation that encompasses spaces for the production of artisan gelato for its preservation, display and sale in a single environment.Versatile and adaptable like a pop-up store, it can be easily disassembled to be reused in always different contexts.

                              • 2018
                                Ifi introduces Hybrid Cooling Technology in the world of gelato

                                Hybrid Cooling Technology iguarantees continuous cooling of gelato even during the delicate defrosting phases, protecting the quality of the food and the health of the operator and reducing electricity consumption.

                                • 2019
                                  Ifi presents Al volo

                                  Al volo, designed by MM Design, is Ifi's latest innovation to offer artisan gelato, pastry and pralines beyond the boundaries of traditional shops. Al volo is a mini refrigerated professional display case, which in a small space contains all the technological knowledge of Ifi.

                                  • 2019
                                    Ifi presents Pivot

                                    Born to enhance Gelato, Pastry and Pralines, Pivot is the new benchmark for refrigerated vertical display cases.

                                    With Pivot, Ifi raises quality, performance and design standards and guarantees refrigeration excellence even in extreme environmental conditions.

                                    The advanced refrigeration system, the perfect distribution of cold and the exceptionally rapid recovery of the temperature after opening enhance the organoleptic qualities and appeal of products on display.

                                    And also for the support of the shelves it avoids the racks, receptacle of unsanitary dirt.

                                    • 2022

                                      Ifi presents Lilium

                                      • Ifi presents MyPick

                                        The innovative refrigerated locker powered by Ifi, featuring an exclusive e-commerce site and integrated management platform. MyPick, Design Delineodesign, is part of the ADI Design Index 2022 selection.


                                      2 ADI Compasso d’Oro prizes and numerous international awards for furnishing products and concepts have marked historic turning points in the Horeca world. Find out all about them!

                                        Tonda is awarded with the ADI Compasso d’Oro Honorable Mention

                                        The Tonda display case is awarded with Honorable Mention at the ADI 21st Edition of the Compasso d'Oro. Ifi thus became part of the permanent collection of this famous design prize, recognized by the Government as a Bene d'Interesse Nazionale (Asset of Nation Interest).

                                        • 2009-2013
                                          Ifi is selected to become part of Farnesina Design Collection with Tonda.

                                          The Tonda gelato display case was selected to be part of the Farnesina Design Collection, set up by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs to promote our country’s artistic production in the design sector. As well as being permanently on display in the Sala dei Mappamondi of the Palazzo della Farnesina in Rome, Tonda travelled around various world capitals, becoming an ambassador of successful Italian design at international events.

                                          Ifi receives a Red Dot Award Honourable Mention with Lunette.

                                          The Lunette display case with HCS closure system is awarded with the Red Dot Design Honourable Mention in Essen (Germany) for the Product Design category.

                                          Ifi wins the iF Product Design Award with Lunette.

                                          The Lunette display case and the HCS closure system is awarded with the iF Product Design Award in Hannover for their highly innovative character.

                                          • 2013
                                            Ifi receives the Gold Medal of the President of the Italian Republic.

                                            On Ifi’s fiftieth anniversary, the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, conferred his “medaglia di rappresentanza” (medal of recognition) to the company.

                                            Bellevue Panorama wins the ADI Compasso d'Oro. 

                                            It is the first Compasso d’Oro awarded to a company in the sector.
                                            Bellevue with Panorama technology, designed by Marc Sadler in partnership with Ifi, wins the first Compasso d’Oro in the history of the ADI awarded to the artisan gelato industry.

                                            Start up wins the Compasso d'Oro ADI Int.l Honourable Mention

                                            At the 1st edition of the ADI Compasso d’Oro International Award with a theme of “Design for Food and Nutrition”, Start Up (designed by Giorgio di Tullio and Raffaele Gerardi) received an Honourable Mention in the “Design for Food and Consumption” category.

                                            Bar Sharing wins the Compasso d'Oro ADI Int.l Honourable Mention.

                                            At the 1st edition of the ADI Compasso d’Oro International Award with a theme of “Design for Food and Nutrition”, Bar Sharing (designed by Giorgio di Tullio) received an Honourable Mention in the “Design for Food and Consumption” category.

                                            PopApp wins the 25th edition of the ADI Compasso d’Oro.

                                            Ifi is awarded with the ADI Compasso d’Oro 2018 for the compact PopApp gelato parlour, designed by Ifi’s R&D department.

                                            Colonna wins the ADI Compasso d’Oro Honourable Mention

                                            Colonna, the display case for pastry and pralines, designed by Giulio Iacchetti, receives the ADI Compasso d’Oro Honourable Mention.

                                            Ifi wins the iF Product Design Award with Al volo

                                            Al volo, the mini refrigerated professional display case designed by MM Design, wins the iF Product Design Award.

                                          Business development and activities related to the territory

                                          The stages that have marked our history, the bond with the territory that surrounds us and the numerous collaborations.

                                          Here is what we have done over the years.

                                            • 1962

                                              Ifi is founded

                                              With the goal of meeting people’s needs in food & beverage venues.

                                              • 1990

                                                Ifi acquires Metalmobil

                                                The brand (founded in 1956) is specialized in the production of seats and tables for indoor and outdoor collective spaces. In the same year, the Steelmobil and L&R brands are acquired, thus diversifying the range offer within the same product sector.

                                                • 2003

                                                  Ifi acquires IRD

                                                  Ifi acquired the IRD company and brand (founded in 1964), specialised in the manufacture of turnkey furnishings for the Contract and Food & Beverage sectors. In the same year, Ifi also acquired the Rossi Dimension LAI brand, dedicated to the production of technology and furnishings for Food&Beverage on an industrial scale.

                                                  • 2004

                                                    Ifi acquires Coletti

                                                    Ifi acquires the company and the Coletti brand (founded in 1957), specialized in turnkey furnishings for Contract and Food & Beverage sectors in the German market.

                                                    • 2005-2012

                                                      Hippotherapy Centre

                                                      There is a hippotherapy centre in Pesaro for the equestrian re-education of people of all ages with motor and cognitive difficulties, such as emotional, relational and sensory development. The centre was built thanks to the support of private companies, including Ifi.

                                                      • 2005-2013

                                                        "Student reporters"

                                                        For three days a week, the Pesaro-based newspaper “Il Resto del Carlino” published an entire page of articles by secondary school students from the province, supervised by their teachers.

                                                        • 2005-2020

                                                          Victoria Libertas Basket

                                                          Ifi entered basketball in 2005 taking an active role in setting up the Pesaro Basketball Consortium, to keep alive what could be considered the greatest legacy of the Pesaro sporting community: the Vuelle. First member of the consortium, then a member and sponsor, in 2010, Ifi acquired 20% of the share capital.

                                                          • 2006

                                                            Foundation for the fight against cardiac arrest

                                                            Ifi was one of the founding members of the Foundation for the fight against cardiac arrest.

                                                            • 2006-2008

                                                              Michele Provinciali and Tonda

                                                              Ifi entrusted the graphics expert, Michele Provinciali, with the communication image of Tonda. In 2008, Provinciali received the ADI Compasso d’Oro Career Award. In the same year, Francesco Pellizzari’s book “The Image Poet and the Tonda” was published which tells the story of Michele Provinciali, and Tonda, bringing together the graphic images.

                                                              • 2006-oggi

                                                                Ifi and educational institutes

                                                                Ifi has partnered with education institutes through projects aimed at bringing together the world of education and employment. The institutes involved: Istao, Polytechnic of Milano (PoliDesign), NABA, University of Camerino, University of Urbino, IED.

                                                                • 2006

                                                                  Ifi becomes ADI member

                                                                  Ifi was the first company in its sector to become part of the ADI (Association for Industrial Design).

                                                                  • 2008-2012

                                                                    Archaeological site of Colombarone

                                                                    Ifi contributed to the creation and promotion of the archaeological site of Colombarone, dating back to the early-Christian era.

                                                                    • 2008-2013

                                                                      The Umberto Cardinali pedestrian and cycling path

                                                                      To celebrate the 100th birthday of Umberto Cardinali Ifi announced that it would donate a pedestrian and cycling path to the city. The Umberto Cardinali pedestrian and cycling path was planned to be implemented in 3 stages, from 2011 to 2014, for a total length of 7.5 Km.


                                                                      European Day of Artisan Gelato

                                                                      Ifi took an active part in the recognition of the European Day of Artisan Gelato at the sites of the European Parliament in Strasbourg and Brussels.


                                                                      Gelato World Tour and Gelato Festival

                                                                      Ifi was one of the companies that launched the GWT path (merged into the Gelato Festival from 2018), a traveling global event to take and develop the culture of Artisan Gelato all over the world.

                                                                      • 2019

                                                                        Ifi opens an office in Miami: Ifi America Corporation

                                                                        For Ifi, this was an operation that strengthened its presence in the North American market. Ifi America Corporation will manage product storage activities, logistics, customer care and support service. In addition, it will host dedicated events and have a showroom in which to exhibit its technology and design solutions for the furnishing of food & beverage venues.