Design by Valter Panaroni
Classic design takes shape

Furnish your shop with character and personality. Cubika is the Ifi refrigerated display case that combines perfect food preservation with the added benefit of a unique and captivating design. The strong and squared lines, large display capacity, broad visibility and LED lighting serve to frame and enhance your creations with a striking visual impact.

è Cubika.

Cubika is ETL certified for Gelato
and Gelato/Pastry services.

The pluses Cubika

  • Showcase your talent

    Give your creations the visibility they deserve.
    The broad clear surfaces, inclined display surface and large display capacity will make your creations the absolute protagonists.

  • Freshly made

    The flavour, appeal and properties of the gelato are perfectly preserved thanks to the refrigeration system with rapid and diversified defrosting.

  • Perfection is in the details

    Every element of Cubika is designed to offer a superior finish and maximum attention to detail: flavour-holders lit up with high-brightness LED lighting.

    Moreover, in the Gelato and Gelato/Pastry services, Cubika is equipped with the Acoustic Comfort System: a system allowing an impressive 3 decibel reduction in the noise produced by the display case, taking it from 59 to 56 decibels. Acoustic Comfort Systemmeans the well-being and health of operators, but also care for Customers who are welcomed in a more comfortable and relaxing environment.

Reference sectors

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Technical information
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Product specifications
Climatic class 4


+35°C (95°F) - 60% R.H.


-2°C;-18°C (+28.4°F;-0.4°F)

Gelato / Pastry
-2°C;-18°C / +4°C;+8°C (+28.4°F;-0.4°F / +39.2°F;+46.4°F)

Size - mm (inches)

H 1151 VBD / H 1351 VAD (45.32" VBD / 53.19" VAD)

L 1156/1656/2156 (45.51"/65.20"/84.89") sides included

D 1228 (48.35")


Ifi finishes Collection

Lacquered according to sample

On request, customizable finishes as desired


Cubika is ETL certified for Gelato and Gelato/Pastry services.

Energy label
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