Ifi at MAG Day 2019

Master Academy Antonino Galvagno - Palermo


Ifi is a partner of MAG - Gelato Challenge, the official event of the Gelato Festival in which the gelato chefs of Mediterranean countries compete.
Objective: to create the best taste of gelato and win the final of the Gelato Festival World Master 2021, the world championship that will bring the best gelato chef from all over the world.

The winners:

14/15.10 Challenge: Gianluca Marcianò, gelateria Matteotti - Reggio Calabria, flavour Kalavria.

23/25.10 Challenge: Thanasis Tsagkliotis - La Madison Fine Pastry, flavour Cinnamon, Greek yogurt, variegated with figs and nuts with Dulcey chocolate