Gelato on stage

PopApp is a compact workstation containing all the equipment needed to produce, display and sell artisan gelato in just a few square metres. A stage where the gelato maker can put his/her best work on display, engaging and creating a continuous exchange with the people gathered around. Anybody can watch the artisan gelato being prepared, get to know and experience the process first-hand.

è PopApp.

The pluses of PopApp

  • The ideal composition

    PopApp is comprised of 3 interlocking elements, two mobile and one fixed, and is completely self-sufficient also thanks to the internal water system. You just need to power it in!

  • Maximum durability

    The supporting structure, made from steel tubular with polyester powder coating, and the stainless steel guides of modules and surfaces ensure durability over time and the utmost sturdiness of PopApp.

  • Health & hygiene first

    PopApp is made entirely in white coloured KRION® K-LIFE, a material similar to stone but warm to the touch, resistant, antibacterial and 100% recyclable.

  • Ifi quality guaranteed

    PopApp is equipped with the best Ifi technology: Panorama ® Tubs tanks, Leader cells with on-board condensing unit, gastronorm pans with lids at ambient temperature and LED lighting on the working top.

  • Make up your PopApp

    Choose from the many possible customizations: Leader cells and Panorama module with the possibility to switch from negative temperature -18°C to positive temperature +4°C/+8°C allow you to always choose the type of products you want to display.

Reference sectors

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Product specifications
Climatic class 4


+30°C (+86°F) - 60% R.H.

Refrigerated cells -T°/+T°

+35°C (95°F) - 60% R.H.




Refrigerated cells -T°/+T°


Size - mm (inches)

H 1171 (46.10")

L 2626 (103.39") open / 1826 (71.89") closed

D 1975 (77.76")


Krion® K-LIFE white


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