MyPick powered by Ifi, Design Delineodesign, is part of the ADI Design Index 2022 selection.

Innovate your business.
Are you ready to lead the change?

Anticipate the future and transform your gelato shop, pastry shop or catering business with MyPick, the innovative refrigerated locker powered by Ifi, featuring an exclusive e-commerce site and integrated management platform.

In a scenario where consumption and service patterns are rapidly changing, MyPick expands your sales opportunities and offers your customers a new buying experience.

With MyPick your customers can:

A comfortable, easy and personalised experience that your customers will look forward to repeating!

Easily select and buy their favourite food online
it up at the most convenient time without worrying about queues, closing times or sold out
Enjoy it wherever and whenever they want.
A win-win solution

With MyPick you can extend your business in time and space, expand your sales channels and reach new customers. How? Thanks to a refrigerated locker, a dedicated e-commerce site and a complete services platform. MyPick is easy to customise and allows you to convey and promote your image and brand exactly where you want.

With MyPick, your customers won’t have to worry about queues or time limits and will always be sure to find their favourite food available. The buying experience gets smart: ordering online, finding the closest locker, choosing the most convenient pick-up time.

My pick experience

Set up your online store

You decide the time slots for pick-up to optimise locker loads

Receive your customers’ orders online: selection of product/locker/pick-up time slot

Take over the order

Load the locker

Independent pick-up by the customer

Not just
a locker

The high-performance refrigerated locker ensures the quality and taste of your products and consists of:

  • a service column, the technological heart of the software, featuring an LCD display and QR code reader.
  • one or more conservation columns that can be interconnected up to a maximum of 5. Each column operates independently with an internal compressor, and can have 3 possible configurations depending on the size of the compartments, and 2 convertible temperature options (negative/positive or positive/neutral).


Based on a predefined layout, your MyPick e-commerce site can be customised by uploading your logo, your menu, the most beautiful photos of your creations and dedicated offers. Have fun making your site unique, comfortable in the knowledge that you are always supported by our webmasters.


Thanks to the integrated software platform dedicated exclusively to MyPick, you can keep your business under control at all times:

  • monitor orders and sales in real time;
  • enjoy a continuously growing customer database;
  • analyse order patterns to better understand customer trends and preferences, and therefore implement targeted and effective marketing actions.

Want to know more?
All about MyPick
Make it easy
High Performance
In MyPick, every conservation column is equipped with a high-tech refrigeration system with bottom-up ventilation, ensuring your specialities are perfectly maintained even in particularly critical heat and humidity conditions, both indoors and outdoors, with guaranteed operation at +40°C and -10°C.
Easy maintenence
Practical sliding guides facilitate the removal and servicing of: technological core located in the service column; electrical panel situated above each conservation column; motor compartment positioned at the base of the conservation columns. The condenser filter is easy to remove and clean.
Access to the service column and conservation column motor compartments is protected by locks. - The locker is necessarily anchored to the wall or floor. - Air sanitisation system using UV-C diffusion technology to eliminate the bacterial load in the air inside each conservation column.
Make up your MyPick

Choose from the many possible customisations

One or more conservation columns that can be interconnected up to a maximum of 5;

  • 2 convertible temperatures (negative/positive refrigeration or positive refrigeration/controlled neutral);
  • 3 possible aesthetic finishes:
    • custom-painted sides and top, RAL 7021 black front;
    • custom-painted sides and top, custom film-coated front;
    • custom film-coated sides, top and front.
  • Indoor or outdoor (roof to be provided) installation;
  • Floor or wall mounting.


  • 3 different configurations of the conservation column compartments (5, 6 or 7 compartments);
  • 2 compartment sizes (S/L);

Small module
Large module
Technical information
Product specifications
Climatic class 5

+40°C (+104°F) - 40% R.H.


Gelato / Pastry or Cold Snack

-20°C;-2°C (-4.0°F;+28.4°F) / +4°C;+8°C (+39.2°F;+46.4°F)

Pastry or Cold Snack / Neutral

+4°C;+8°C (+39.2°F;+46.4°F) / +14°C;+18°C (+57.2°F;+64.4°F)


R290 / R452A


LAN cable. 220 V electrical connection


Painted black front RAL 7021
Sides and top lacquered according to sample
On request, customizable film-coated finishes as desired

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    The innovative refrigerated locker MyPick , design Delineodesign, is part of the ADI Design Index 2022 selection.

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