A new structure for the bar counters.

To improve bar experience more and more.

Even more sturdy, with a particular attention to details and designed to continuously improve people's quality of life. The pluses in Ifi new bar counters are not confined to functionality: aligning perfectly with the back counters, they offer an aesthetic harmony to uncover.

Maximum solidity

No compromise

The new structure of Ifi bar counters is completely made of metal, to ensure even greater strength and solidity over time.

Attention to ergonomics & hygiene

Taking care of people

The internal shelves of the new bar counters are in gray painted metal sheet and removable in 6 different positions. The operator can customize the storage space according to his own needs by adding extra shelves. The dividing panels of each new module ensure correct separation between the different areas and services of the counter.

Details that make the difference
Aesthetic harmony

The new bar counters align aesthetically with the whole Ifi range, merging into a harmony of finishes and colors for a coordinated look of all the furniture.
The new doors of the non-refrigerated modules, exclusively with hinged closure and stainless steel and aluminum finishing, create a perfect alignment with the other neutral elements in the range, enhancing formal cleanliness.