New polyethylene tubs

Tradition becomes smart.

Light, durable, ideal for hygiene and health-friendly. The new Ifi polyethylene tub offers greater benefits to gelato professionals.

• Even more shock resistant

• Suitable for washing in professional dishwashers

• Easy to handle and less cold when in contact with the hands

• Suitable as stock tub as well

Like every Ifi tub, the new polyethylene version is equipped with an anti-rotation system, which makes gelato scooping more comfortable.

Available sizes:

H 247 mm - Ø 200 mm (6 liters)

H 126,5 mm - Ø 200 mm (3 liters)

Made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene certified for food contact), the new tub is suitable for all IFI pozzetti, Gelato Coolbox and for Panorama® range produced after 1st March, 2021. For Panorama® models produced before 1st March, 2021 the previous version of polyethylene tub is always available.