New Gelato stick holder

Greater opportunities on display.

IFI new gelato stick holder allows you to benefit the most from the sticks in the display case: perfect for take-away; ideal for hygiene and for the presentation of original suggestions.

Universal for IFI gelato display case range*, the new accessory makes the most of the space inside the display case, favouring the number of sticks on display.
Made of transparent polycarbonate, the accessory allows a tidy presentation of the sticks and simplifies cleaning operations, thanks to easy-to-extract internal separators.

Dimensions: L 360 mm / 14.2”, D 250 mm / 9.8”, H 55 mm / 2.1”
Number of gelato sticks per tray: 28 for 5 cm / 0.2” large sticks; 35 for 4 cm /0.16” large sticks (display capacity varies according to stick size).

*The following display cases are excluded: Tonda; Xylo Panorama®; America Panorama®.