Ecopack Award 2023 for Et al., division of Ifi S.p.A.

We are proud to announce that once again Et al., division of Ifi S.p.A., is among the winners of the Ecopack Award for the eco-design of packaging in the circular economy, now in its tenth edition.

The "CONAI Call for eco-design of packaging in the circular economy – Enhancing the environmental sustainability of packaging" aims to reward the most innovative and eco-friendly packaging solutions introduced to the market in the biennium 2021-2022.

This recognition makes us increasingly aware and convinced that adopting an eco-sustainable lifestyle is a daily mission.

Our commitment continues with determination, as we believe that the ongoing search for greener solutions is essential to preserve our environment. Every day, we implement concrete actions to improve our environmental performance, investing in preventive activities that embrace reuse, facilitate recycling, and use materials from recycled sources.