Ifi presents Food & More

The new collection of food counters and wall display cases for Professionals with high-level standard.

è Gourmet.

The spectacle of authenticity.

Enhance the taste and authenticity of your products with Gourmet, the complete line of food counters dedicated to deli, cured meats, cheese, meat, bread, fresh pasta and pastries.

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è Gusto.

Quality in the right place.

With the new Gusto wall unit you can best preserve and display your Deli products, cured meats and cheeses. Its compact size makes it extremely versatile. In the specific Gusto can be positioned behind the counter, suspended or placed on the back of the base, or installed as desired according to your needs.

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è Goodies.

Store, exhibit, organize your space!

The Goodies are the new line of wall-mounted display cases for beverages and packaged foods including cured meats, dairy products, meats, hot snacks, fruit and vegetables. Choose the Goody that's right for you from Goody Bistrot, Goody Market, or Goody Lounge, each designed to meet your specific space and service needs, but all sharing the highest performance in terms of storage and exceptional visibility of the products on display.

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