On the 70th anniversary of its founding, Pope Francis received in Rome the basketball team Victoria Libertas Pesaro. To bless symbolically its 70 years of history, the President Ario Costa donated to the Pontiff the shirt of the team, customized with the name Francesco and the number 70.

After the extraordinary event, Ario Costa and Luciano Amadori, President of the Pesaro Basketball Union, honoured IFI, member of the Group and sponsor of the team since 2005, with the framed picture of the Pope receiving the team shirt.

Pope Francis is not the only Pontiff who came across the history of the VL team: in fact, the first meeting at the Vatican goes back to the October 1955, when the team competed a basketball match against the Stella Azzurra Roman team in San Pietro Square. A unique event: “It was not just a match, it was like an exhibition in front of the Pontiff” says Sandro Riminucci as he recalls those exciting moments in front of Pio XII and a vast crowd of onlookers.

In the first picture, see Maurizio Testaguzzi, IFI Managing Director, and Gianfranco Tonti, IFI President, receiving the present from Ario Costa and Luciano Amadori.
In the photogallery, see the pictures of the meeting with the Pope and of the memorable match in S. Pietro Square.