11 November 2016

The IFI headquarters open up to 40 students of the “Bramante Genga” Institute for the 7th edition of the PMI day – initiative dedicated to the small and medium-sized enterprises and promoted by Confindustria and Piccola Industria.

Over 60 people among students, professors, journalists and the local community walked the production lines. An opportunity to meet and promote a dialogue that needs to increasingly tighten: the one between enterprises and school, where the first are the socio-economical texture of a territory and the other is its future. Welcoming the students were Boinega and Mingarelli, provincial and regional Presidents of Piccola Industria and the passionate words of the IFI CEO Maurizio Testaguzzi and of the President Gianfranco Tonti. In their words the fascinating story of the entrepreneurial vocation, inside a company that strongly and responsibly feels its bond with the territory, the culture and does not give up to be master and disciple in the fundamental dialogue with the School.

Watch the TV Report: (min 00:12:28)
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