MARCH 24, 2016

For 54 years Alongside Gelato Professionals, IFI is proud to celebrate the 4th European artisan gelato day, established in july 2012by European Parliament, following the initiative of Artglace (the confederation of the European gelato artisan associations) and MIG (Longarone International Gelato Exhibition) with the specific aim of supporting artisan gelato, promote its quality, its authenticity and its nutritional values.

The initiative was strongly supported also by IFI which actively participated to the 2010, 2011 and 2012 events in Strasbourg and Bruxelles with the most innovative display cases of its ranges, and contributed to the institutional approval of this date.

An important choice that not only safeguards the authenticity of gelato as an italian symbol in the world, but engages the whole food-farming european sector, adding value to the production chain of each member State and…fosters all the gelato lovers worldwide.

In the photogallery find the images of the events held at the European Parliament in Strasbourg; main character: gelato!