Wall Units and Back Shelving


Tubular framework made of polished, transparent, painted iron, that can be adjusted horizontally or vertically. Frame has 8-mm (0.31”) etched glass shelves that can be placed in any position.


Board made of FENIX Black laminateIntegrated LED lighting in the lampshade (optional).

Start Up Back Unit

Minimal and essential lines for Start Up back units accessories: back shelving in total black version; the shelf for service and the plate extractor hood painted with black epoxy powder. You will have a completely different look and feel if you choose the transparency of the back shelving of the linear and curved glass shelves.

Backery Back Unit

The bakery back unit has two modules, L 1000 and L 1250, which can be connected together, and is made of a wood veneer material that can be stained or lacquered in any RAL colour. LED lighting. The shelves, tested up to 15 kg in weight, are made from transparent food-grade Plexiglas with silver anodized aluminium side supports and are adjustable with 6 different positions using the visible nickel-plated brass “buttons”. The bakery back unit can be supplemented with baskets to place on the wooden base: the baskets are made from white wicker coated with a water-based varnish, according to toxicity standards for food use. 

Wall Units DOMINO

Square modular structure made with profiles in anodised extruded aluminium coated with “tiles” that are approximately 500 x 500 mm and on which it is possible to attach the lighted shelves in positions that are predefined. The “tiles” are made of different materials: wood, stainless steel and natural acrylic stone. The lit “tiles” in natural acrylic stone are equipped with three fluorescent lamps and electronic ballast. Shelves with integrated lighting are available in natural acrylic stone or in stainless steel and glass. The shelves cannot be installed on stainless steel and on natural acrylic stone “tiles”. Tobacco equipment fitted with inclined Plexiglas shelves, stainless steel partitions and thrust rollers, to be installed on four “decorative tiles”.


PINZA-FLUO back shelving units, for 4* back bases, made of water-repellent melamine, fitted with lighting and faced with screen-printed glass, with glass shelves and lighting system fitted directly into the bracket clamps. The brackets system with lighting may be also fitted directly onto the wall. The coffee machine and snack back shelving may also come without the hood and only fitted with the upper shelf and the screen-printed glass back. PINZA-FLUO back shelving units with tobacco equipment fitted with inclined Plexiglas shelves, stainless steel partitions and thrust rollers.

Ka-LED - Wall shelves

The KA-LED wall shelves are realised in matt black painted alluminium, with integrated LED lighting. Available in 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500mm lenghts.


ELEKTRA back shelving units for 4* back bases with 12 V electrified racks designed to be equipped with shelves lit without wiring: just fit the shelves in the required position and the LEDs will switch on. The chipboard structure may be coated with mirrors, with back-painted white glass with glitter effect, with laminate, with wood laminate , with stained wood or lacquered finish. Shelves in etched glass, with profiles in shiny aluminium, with incorporated LED lighting. End panels are specific for each furniture system. ELEKTRA back shelving units are standard-supplied with 2 LED-lit shelves. ELEKTRA coffee machine and snack back shelving are coated in AISI 304 stainless steel with ‘linen’ effect finish, with 1 LED-lit shelf. ELEKTRA back shelving units with tobacco equipment fitted with inclined Plexiglas shelves, stainless steel partitions and thrust rollers. 

Wall Units KUADRO

Structure made of white painted sheet metal with 4 fluorescent lamps powered by electronic ballasts. Front panel in melamine coated with different materials: mirror, coloured melamine, laminate and lacquered in all RAL colours. Frame made of shiny aluminium racks for free placement of the two glass or laminate shelves. KUADRO is available in the 1000 and 1250 mm units. 

Wall Units PRISMA

PRISMA is a modular system made up of wall units with chipboard structure. PRIMA element made up of converging walls coated with beveled mirrors and opal glass back lit from below; AISI 304 stainless steel display top in a polished finish. PRISMA can be laid out in different modular solutions (see layouts shown).