Stronger, more versatile

Goody Lounge satisfies all your conservation needs thanks to the wide range of services to choose from cold to hot. The space is optimized to the maximum, to the advantage of the display surface: the compressor is in fact lodged in the base, compacted to a height of only 450 mm/17.71”. The air intake system is hidden, perfectly integrated into the structure, for a refined and functional design.

è Goody Lounge.

The pluses of Goody Lounge

  • Make up your Lounge!

    Choose the most suitable Goody Lounge for your need from the different customization possibilities: with double-glazed doors or, in the self-service version, with curtain; standard 1.57” deep side, on request possibility of customization with 2.75” side; 4 lengths.

  • Goody Lounge is ideal for...

    Goody Lounge is ideal for preserving: Boxed foods & Drinks; Meat & Dairy products; Cured meats & Cheese; Fruits & Vegetables, Hot snack.

    Reference sectors

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    Technical information
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    Product specifications
    Climatic class 3

    All services

    +25°C (+77°F) – 60% U.R.


    Boxed foods & Drinks: M1

    Meat & Dairy products: M1

    Cured meats & Cheese: M2

    Fruits & Vegetables: M2

    Hot snack: 65°C (149°F)


    Built-in condensig unit R290 or R452A

    Remote condensing unit R452A

    Size - mm (inches)

    H 2000 (78.74”)

    L 989/1250/1927/2500 (36.89”/49.21”/73.82/98.42”)

    700 (27.56”)


    Inside and outside: RAL 7021 matt black powder coated or Scotch-Brite stainless steel. 

    Outside also painted according to sample

    Energy label
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