RDF System

With the goal of reducing the number of defrosts, in order to preserve the quality of gelato and reduce electricity consumption, in 2005 IFI developed the RDF technology (Reduced Defrosting Frequency) to calculate the actual time during which there is an exchange of temperature in the display case between the gelato and the external atmosphere, in order to activate defrosts only when the display case has actually been open for six hours, rather than the fixed frequency of every six hours of usual gelato display cases.

Beyond reducing the number of defrosts (cause of thermal shocks for the gelato, due to the heat injection in the display case) as well as electricity consumption, when needed, at the end of the day, RDF allows the gelato artisan to leave the gelato in the display case rather than transferring the pans into chiller cabinets. RDF can only be applied to display cases with hermetic or high-performance closure: born with Tonda and perfect for the Panorama technology, RDF is also a plus for Cloud, Lunette, Screen, SAM 80 display cases, as they are equipped with the HCS System (Hi-performance Closure System).