Gelato Everywhere

Gelato everywhere


IFI’s brilliant idea, Gelato Everywhere gives artisan gelato-makers a new opportunity to expand their business and increase gelato sales. Basically, IFI has suggested to gelato-makers that they should offer their artisan gelato to businesses which until now have not dealt with this food, maybe for space reasons. Thus, greengrocers, bakers, grocers and other businesses will be able to expand their product range with a genuine, fresh and high-quality food like artisan gelato, without the burden of having to produce it each day in a laboratory. 



Gelato Everywhere - Da IFI una nuova idea di business per i gelatieri artigiani

This initiative is facilitated without a doubt by IFI’s innovative Panorama Technology, with visible pozzetti that enable gelato to be perfectly preserved in small spaces. The versatility of this new technology means that small counters can be used with a choice in the number of tubs (or standard pans). With a minimum of two tubs (or one pan), and including grilles for sticks, you just need to assess how much space you have available to dedicate to serving gelato! The Panorama technology is considered a ground-breaking innovation by the sector as it represents the perfect synthesis between perfect gelato preservation in the pozzetti and visibility typical of display cases. It is no accident that, applied to IFI’s Bellevue table, it won the design Oscar, the ADI Compasso d’Oro, which for the first time since 1953 was awarded to the gelato sector.