New Drop-in Delice


New Drop-in Delice
Barrier-free show


The new Drop-in Delice H 1151 mm / 45,31" in addition to the H 1200 / 47,24" version to further improve visibility, functionality, conservation and energy saving.


The purest transparency ever
The new high-purity extra-clear glass frame presents the highest level of transparency a glass can offer. Products on display are thus enhanced in every detail, without visual barriers, in all their naturalness.

Functional minimalism
To optimize spaces more and more, to simplify and harmonize the combination with the adjacent furniture, the side of the glass frame is always flush with the paneling side. The new 1151 mm / 45,31" height allows a perfect alignment with IFI furnishings.

Environmental and economic sustainability
Thanks to the innovative low-consumption air diffusion fans, Drop-in Delice H 1151 mm / 45,31" guarantees even greater energy savings, to the benefit of environmental protection and reduction of operating costs.

"Tailor-made" conservation
To preserve the aesthetic and organoleptic qualities of the products according to their specific characteristics, an optional function allows you to set ventilation on 3 different speeds.


The range
All Drop-in Delice counters and built-in tops have refrigerated and / or heated display surfaces at the same height as the worktop to offer maximum ergonomics and are specifically designed to fit 600x400 mm / 23,62" x 15,74" commercial trays. The tank is equipped with display trays adjustable in three different positions, to best preserve products with different heights.


Modules: L 920 mm  / 36,22"; L 1320 mm / 51,96"; L 1720 mm / 67,71"; L 2120 mm / 83,46"; L 2520 mm /  99,21"
Heights: H 1200 mm / 47,24"; H 1151 mm / 45,31"
Services*: Pastry, Cold Snack; Pralines/Prastry; Pastry and Cold Snack with refrigerated cell; Cold/Hot Dry; Cold/Hot Dry with refrigerated cell; Hot Dry; Gelato

Colors: display surface and frame available in stainless steel, white or black


* to check compatibility of lengths and services, do not hesitate to contact us.