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In Milia, Ifi’s new gelato display case, gelato is the protagonist, the focal point even for those who observe it from a distance (milia passuum). To the viewer, gelato seems suspended, enhanced by a wise use of lighting, by the large front glass and by the black color of
the screen prints of the glass and the internal elements. The refrigeration technology applied to Milia is integrated by the rear closure system HCS (Hi-performance Closure System), Ifi's exclusive technology to improve gelato preservation, hygiene, and energy saving. In fact,
the system allows, with the help of an integrated sensor, to reduce the number of defrosts based on the actual opening time of the display case and to limit the access of external air to serving time only.
Milia's essential shapes are completed thanks to technological materials such as Fenix®, chosen for the base coating, which gives a matt finish, soft touch, anti-fingerprint and resistant to surface micro scratches.

Milia is set for Ifi Iot Remote Manager

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