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IoT Remote Manager

Thanks to IOT Remote Manager, an innovative service introduced by Ifi, customers and dealers can remotely monitor and manage all refrigerated products.

Security and assistance with a technological solution designed to improve people’s wellbeing. A dedicated site allows easy access from any Smartphone, Tablet, PC. With just a LAN connection, your technician will be able to adjust product settings and in some cases solve eventual failures remotely.

The advantages of IoT Remote Manager

  • Remote monitoring and control of functions and parameters of refrigerated products (ON / OFF light, ON / OFF showcase, control panel lock, showcase temperature, etc.)
  • Alarm notifications in case of malfunction
  • Remote resolution of possible malfunctions
  • Early knowledge of the causes of possible malfunctions for a quick and efficient work on-site
  • Assistance of technicians trained by Ifi
  • Daily HACCP report


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