Ifi @ Host 2019



Ifi at Host: Design first.


At Host, in an author's space signed by Alessandro Scandurra’s architectural studio SSA, Ifi presents a world premiere of new solutions, as always in the sign of Design.

Host is the stage where Ifi presents a preview for bar furnishings. The first is LAYERS, a perfect example of style and innovative impact that has always been an integral part of the company: a real aesthetic technology, designed by Massimo Curzi, a leading interpreter on the international contemporary architecture scene. Next to LAYERS, STYLE UP (Delineodesign), an original interpretation of hospitality, born from the visionary eye of the designer.

At the center of the stand, new solutions for displaying and preserving artisan gelato and pastryPIVOT represents the vertical refrigerated display according to Ifi’s vision, designed by Giulio Iacchetti; AL VOLO, the mini professional counter display designed to expand gelato and pastry sales opportunities, is the result of a collaboration with MM design; MILIA, the showcase in which gelato, flush presented, becomes the undisputed protagonist of the scene, bears the signature of Makio Hasuike & Co. And more technologies to expand the integrated system of People-centric solutions, such as the introduction of the heated glass frame in the DROP-IN DELICE range to guarantee the organoleptic qualities of food and consumer health.