Bellevue Panorama with Carlo Cracco at "I Weekend Del Gusto".


Villa Terzaghi - Robecco sul Naviglio (Italy)


Ifi Bellevue Panorama® gelato display case has accompanied the gelato chefs to "I Weekend del Gusto" staged during the weekends of July and the first of September, in the splendid setting of Villa Terzaghi, inside Ticino Park. The initiative issued by the Associazione Maestro Martino and chaired by chef Carlo Cracco, was focused on two of the world's favorite foods: the gourmet pizza and the artisanal gelato. Chefs and professionals involved were able to express their creativity by enhancing the products of the territory, thus revealing the initiative spirit: start again by talking about healthy eating, agriculture, sustainability, joyful distancing and solidarity.
20 chefs, 4,000 eaten pizzas and 25 gelato chefs who let the public taste the best gastronomic gelato recipes, displayed and stored in Bellevue Panorama®, Ifi display case that was the working tool of all gelato chefs who took turns during the four weekends: Massimiliano Scotti, Antonio Morgese, Marco Venturino, Sergio Dondoli, Giancarlo Timballo, Antonio Mezzalira, Enzo di Noia and Mauro Altomare, Ezio Andreoli, Stefano Suzzi, Fabio Meraviglia, Alessia Tosi, Lucio Rusu.