A project specifically tailored to suit your venue, a turnkey solution with custom-made furniture: the watchword is “uniqueness”!

Every corner of your venue can become an opportunity to transmit a piece of your story, your craft and your passions, transforming every visit into a genuine experience.

Be Unique!

Food, wine & cocktail bar

The right solution to make your venue unique.

Commercial and collective catering

Places to eat and drink in style and comfort.


We design food&beverage areas in hotels and accommodation facilities.

How our projects come about

  • Your space

    The starting point of the project are always your ideas and space. An initial on-site visit to carefully examine the location will allow us to define all the elements we need to consider for future planning.

  • Look & Feel

    The time has come to gather ideas about the style and moods to transmit to your venue: colour palettes, finishes, forms and all else necessary to create the atmosphere that will identify your style.

  • Pen to paper

    We put everything done thus far on paper. The draft layouts will help us understand the feasibility of the project and whether the choices at this point are sustainable or need to be revised.

  • Love at first sight

    Thanks to 3D modelling and rendering, you will be able to see your project take shape. Materials, furnishings, colours and coverings finally come to life.

  • Work in progress

    We now move on to the final working project, where the more technical aspects and details of how to achieve them are defined.

    A dedicated project manager is always available to provide advice and support during this stage. May the works begin!

  • It doesn't end here!

    Even after the works are finished, you can still rely on us.

    The assistance service continues for the entire life of your venue, providing targeted servicing to guarantee the care and proper maintenance of the equipment and furniture

All we can do for you
  • Display cases and Pozzetti

    A wide range of display cases and Pozzetti for Gelato, Pastry and Pralines, and Food.

  • Refrigerated cells, bar counters and back bases

    A wide range of refrigerated cells, bar counters and back bases for your venue.

  • Lighting design

  • Interior design

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