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Space is transformed

Bar Sharing is the innovative furniture system offering flexibility in terms of time and space.

Eliminating the traditional difference between front and back, the furniture becomes fluid, modular, dynamic, offering greater design and functional freedom: the possibility to change style and service, maximising the venue’s potential at all hours of day and night.

è Bar Sharing.

Who it's for

Looking for a dynamic solution?

Bar Sharing is designed for those who like to change, modelling the space to suit the desired service: from breakfast to aperitif, from lunch to after-dinner. Transform your venue every day at any time by choosing Bar Sharing.

The pluses of Bar Sharing

  • The ideal composition

    The 70 free-standing modules, finished on all sides and therefore self-sufficient, guarantee utmost flexibility and design freedom and can be positioned at will, without compositional constraints and without a front and back.

    The resilient and slim Link table can be used as a countertop or a “sharing” space. Fitted with hooks on both sides to hang purses, backpacks or helmets, and power sockets and plugs, Link is the perfect furniture accessory to complete your venue.

  • Maximum durability

    The supporting structure in steel tubular with epoxy powder coating and stove-enamelled at 180°C ensures lasting durability over time.

  • Health and hygiene first

    The unleaded water tap with dual flow lever is designed to save water.

    The surfaces in laminated Kraft paper cellulose fibres are compact, hygienic, easy to clean and resistant to wear, water and steam.

  • Ifi quality guaranteed

    Start cells with the possibility for a display case refrigerated by the cell below, guarantee the best of Ifi quality.

  • Complete your space

    Complete the Bar Sharing look with the Bakery back unit and Low Link, the lower version of Link, which gives the venue added fluidity, allowing changes to the configuration throughout the same day.

  • Create your own Bar Sharing!

    Choose from the many possible customisations: a range of solutions, finishes and accessories to adapt Bar Sharing to your needs.

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