The most authentic and original mood? Yours!

Starting from a wide range of preconfigured modules with customisable materials and finishes, we will give your space an original look that reflects who you are and which your customers won’t find anywhere else.

Be Original!

How our projects come about

  • The spaces

    A careful analysis and on-site visit of your spaces will be the first step towards your new commercial venue.

    We start from the existing elements, the layout of your fixtures and technical systems, before going on to accurately design all the various elements.

  • A question of style

    Once the spaces have been defined, the venue will need its own identity and style: materials, colours, shapes and lines to create the perfect atmosphere and just the right mood.

  • The importance of the layout

    This is the time to reflect on the spaces, services and products: a first draft of the layout will be used to confirm the adequacy of the selected path of action, and whether anything needs to be changed before moving on to modelling.

  • The venue comes to life

    The 3D model is an exact reflection of what you will be able to create and the quality of the work.

    You can observe every single aspect of the proposed solutions: from the colours to the coverings, from the furniture to the furnishing accessories, from the fabrics to the ideal materials. Your dream is about to come true!

  • Work in progress

    From theory to practice. Once the final working design with all the technical details has been put together, works can begin. Ready?

  • It doesn't end here!

    Even after the works are finished, you can still rely on us.

    The assistance service continues for the entire life of your venue, providing targeted servicing to guarantee the care and proper maintenance of the equipment and furniture.

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