Ifi @ Gelato World Tour Japan

31.08 /01.09.2019

Ifi continues its activities in different parts of the world to spread the culture of Italian traditional artisanal gelato, in fact Gelato World Tour Japan 2019 has just ended in Yokohama: a successful event where public interest has confirmed the growing love for gelato in the "land of the rising sun".
Congratulations to the participants, all great gelato chef, but it was Keysuke Katayama of Arima gelateria Stagione (Kobe) that won the competition with the taste "Mascarpone with salt from the Awaji island with sweet sakè perfumed with kumquat". So, he enters rightfully in the next Gelato Festival World Masters that will take place in Italy in 2021. Otherwise, the Ifi Challenge was won by Michiko Akamatsu of Royal Farm Akamatusu in Kagawa that made the perfect cup