Concept Affresco

Affresco, the gallery for gelato art

Affresco is a complete furnishing system, an industrial project expressing a high profile design with competitive production times and costs, thanks to its industrialization phase fine‒tuned to the last detail, engaging a pool of competences ranging from flexible and customizable furnishing to technology and furnishing complements. Affresco was exhibited in the show on ideas, production and technology innovation, “La bellezza delle cose/Territori di risorse: le Marche” (The Beauty of Things/Territories of Resources: the Marche), organized by the ADI Marche, Abruzzo and Molise delegation between June and July 2011.

The art of design and the art of gelato meet again in Affresco (Fresco), a new concept for the “auteur” gelato parlour that revolutionizes the classic shop image with a brush stroke. A refined, palette‒shaped space ‒suggested by the pictorial icon designed by Michele Provinciali for the Tonda, a manifesto of the artisan gelato maker as a fully‒fledged artist‒ where colour is provided chiefly by the gelato and by the shades in the palette that outlines the place’s shape at the entrance and in the background. The ideal place wherein to set and valorize the prestige of an Italian symbol loved all over the world, artisan gelato. The work of a renowned designer of public and entertainment establishments, Beppe Riboli, in collaboration with NABA, Affresco is a unique mixture of Italian art inspired by a name evoking the pictorial technique, a concept where design, communication culture (by Marco Morosini and Marco Livi), technology, food science and the art of Italian gelato masters blend in perfect harmony.

VIDEO - Affresco: The Making of