IFI writes the History of Bar Furnishing

1968 - IFI invented the first industrial bar furnishing

IFI began its history of design and innovation by launching the first industrial counter on the market. It was immediately a historic turning point. For the first time, furnishings involved defined modules, designed by a designer, and the product was presented in a catalogue; it was therefore possible to organise a warehouse with the necessary components, guarantee fast delivery times, certify quality and always be sure of costs. From that point onwards, IFI continued to open new avenues and to dictate new benchmark standards for the whole public bar furnishings sector. 

1975 – IFI made the first modular industrial bar furnishing

Thanks to a series of modules of different sizes within a specific range, furnishings could now be adapted to the size of the premises, making it possible to create more customised solutions. A new profession was created, of licensee of industrial furnishings, and the first network of authorised retailers of bar furnishings was set up in the country. 

1991- IFI marked another step forward with Factotum

At the end of the 80s, industrial designer Makio Hasuike and IFI’s Research and Development department designed Factotum, the system at the basis of all IFI furnishings, and still the benchmark technology used by the sector. For the first time, the load-bearing structure of the modules was made of steel rather than wood and painted with epoxy powders fixed at a temperature of 300° against perforation corrosion to guarantee solidity and a long lifetime. The “integral modular” nature of the system made it possible to arrange the furnishings in an even more functional and versatile way. 

2005- IFI presented the Platinum IFI Concept

Anticipating the needs of its public, IFI developed the Platinum IFI Concept together with Makio Hasuike as a new way of interpreting public bars which places at the heart of each experience hospitality, transparency, hygiene, respect for people and the environment. Platinum IFI Concept rewrote the rules of hospitality breaking down the barriers between host and guest. Everything is visible and everything is transparent to create openings for sociability and direct relationships. In 2002 the project was recognised by the Ministry for Production Activities as a Highly Innovative Project for the business categories to which it belongs. Part of the Platinum project took the name Tonda, the first round and rotating display case in history.