Design Rossano Balloni

Great aesthetic personalization and new heights for a visual continuity between the serving top and the display case. Starting from a template, the furniture is shaped and tells the story of its composer.
The counter height of 1200mm allows linear continuity between the serving top and the Drop-In Delice display case.
In Allineo, the under-countertop and plinth are illuminated with a LED spotlight to create a visual focus; the illumination of the sink top area (H.1200mm) is thoughtful of the bartender, who can work in a clearer space.

1. Counter/Banco:
-Counter H.951mm with bottom LED lighting (plinth) / Banco H 951 mm con Illuminazione led inferiore (zoccolo)
-Counter H.1151mm with under-countertop LED lighting and bottom LED lighting (plinth) / Banco H 1151 mm con Illuminazione led sotto-bancalina e Illuminazione led inferiore (zoccolo)
-Counter H.1200mm with under-countertop LED lighting, lighting on operator side in sink top area and bottom LED lighting (plinth) / Banco H 1200 mm con Illuminazione led sotto-bancalina, Illuminazione lato operatore zona piano lavello e Illuminazione led inferiore (zoccolo).
2. Front panel/Pannello frontale
white- or black melamine, RAL-lacquered, laminate / nobilitato bianco o nero, laminato, laccato RAL
3. Side panel/Fianco: RAL-lacquered metal, 3mm-thick / metallo laccato RAL, spessore 3 mm 
4. Countertop/Bancalina: Postforming grey laminate, white or black Fenix laminate, Marble/Granite/Agglomerate (M/G/A), Dekton.
Laminato Postforming grigio, Laminato Fenix bianco o nero, Marmo/Granito/Agglomerato (M/G/A), Dekton.
5. Plinth/Zoccolo: epoxy powder-coated Aluminium, Dekton or M/G/A. Alluminio verniciato a polveri epossidiche, Dekton o in M/G/A
6. WALLY wall unit/pensile: 1000 and 1500mm modules with Postforming grey frame. Wally includes LED lighting and is horizontally or vertically wall-mounted. 
Moduli da 1000 e 1500 mm con cornice in Postforming grigio. Il pensile Wally è dotato di illuminazione a LED e si installata a muro in orizzontale o in verticale.

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