with the course “Increase sales by improving service”

Academia IFI has started in a big way with the course “Increase sales by improving service”. The participants’ interest and enthusiasm have been confirmed by the great marks in the evaluation questionnaires filled in by attendees at the end of the day of February 23rd and March 9th: out of 675 votes, 442 say “excellent”; 220 “good” and only 13 “average”.

Participants, who came from all across Italy, were experienced professionals, managers and servers, coming equally from gelato parlours and bars, and proved highly motivated from the very first lessons and interacted strongly with the tutors. They all agreed that they would go back home with the right tools to increase their venue’s turnover and production.

During the day, the attendees covered topics such as change, the factors behind a venue’s success, communication with customers, innovation, the importance of teams, critical area management and activities to promote their product such as cross-selling, highlighting behaviour to avoid and behaviour likely to improve commercial activity.


"Increase sales by improving service"