Ifi celebrates the Gelato Day


Ifi celebrates the Gelato Day: the European Day of Artisan Gelato, which since 2013 is celebrated on March 24th every year.  Ifi is proud to have passionately supported this initiative since 2012  with its presence at the events of the European Parliament in Strasbourg and Bruxelles.

The European Artisanal Gelato Day was born in 2008, brainchild of Longarone Fiere, the exhibition center of Dolomites, and Artglace (Confédération des Associations des Artisans Glaciers de la Communauté Européenne) the representative body of European artisan gelato chefs. 

The European Artisanal Gelato Day is a choice of Europe that preserves a worldwide symbol of the Italian spirit, the artisanal gelato, but which also involves the entire European agri-food sector, enhancing the value of every single member state. In fact Gelato binds Europe and numbers can proove it: gelato sales have reached 9 billion euros, equal to 60% of the world market, with an average annual growth of 4% and a number of employees equal to 300,000 . Gelato shops are more and more numerous not only in Italy, about 39,000 points of sale, but also in the rest of Europe. Only in Germany there are 9,000 gelato shops where more than 20,000 people work, half of them with Italian roots. Not least, Spain with 2,000 gelato shops, Poland 1,800 and England 1,000, followed by Austria with 900, Greece 650 and France 400 (Gelato Day data: http://www.gelato-day.it/).