22nd November 2016

Open factory for the 15th Week of Enterprises Culture and for the initiative “I luoghi del Lavoro nelle Marche”. A project promoted by the Association “Il Paesaggio dell’Eccellenza” e by FAI Marche (Fondo Ambientale Italiano), both convinced that some productive realities rooted in the territory really are part of the Italian Cultural Heritage. Therefore, IFI opens the doors of its factory to the public and to the schools.

Opening the doors of a factory to let it tell our story, our territory, listen to its people. With this meaning IFI welcomes the initiative of the 15th Week of Enterprises Culture. Crossing IFI’s threshold means stepping on a ground of competitions, in a race to outdo oneself pushing the pedal of innovation. A journey inside a company that marked the history of counter bars and of gelato display cases, bringing design and innovation in an apparently distant sector.

The visit will be an itinerary through the processes of research, development and innovation, along the industrial expertise of the factory lines, more and more cultural heritage of the community. A guide along the research of beauty and usefulness through a product case history, inside a company that carries the mission of generating economic and cultural development throughout its territory.

For registrations: https://ifispa.eventbrite.it